About Katie Rose

Hello & thank you for stopping by! I’m Katie Rose and this is my creative space – a place for me to document my extra (but mostly) ordinary life. I believe in the beauty of every day moments and I like to capture that – the lovely & the messy parts. I look forward to a cup of coffee in the morning and a glass of champagne in the evening (or at noon on a sunny day because drinking during the day is amazing – am I right?). I’m passionate about fashion and incorporating that into my busy life of a mom of two (under 3)! What does that mean? Comfortable, affordable and most importantly “feel good clothes.”

I love conversations about life and the future that go well into the night. I also love conversations about the past and the nostalgia that brings. Madeline & Cal are my world and I am very fond of my husbands curly hair and contagious laugh that lights up the room. I’m thrilled to share all the things I love with you here & hope you enjoy.

Thanks for joining me throughout my blogging journey!