Spring Wardrobe Budget

Spring Wardrobe Budget

Spring is here!!

For those of us in the midwest it’s been quite the waiting game, but as I look outside and see the sunshine going strong and my absent jacket I can speak in confidence that WE HAVE MADE IT!

With each changing of the season, I allow myself a budget to switch out my wardrobe. This budget changes based on where we are at financially and what pieces I can bring with me into the next season. I know the often times it seems like budgets are not an issue for fashion bloggers, but that is NOT the case for me. Intentional spending is something I keep top of mind. We do have two kids, a mortgage and big plans to worry keep in mind!

However, I’d be fooling you all if I didn’t admit to having a slight problem with impulse buying. This is my way to try and respect our family by not overspending but also ensure I’m content (and support this blog). I love finding deals or you all!

So without further adieu, here is what I’ve purchased to round out my spring wardrobe.

The majority of these are from Loft or J.Crew and were purchased during their major sales. I always try to plan my spending around sales – rarely do I buy something full price. This t-shirt is only $9! Loft is typically always having some sort of major sale.

These pieces work for both work and home for me and go with items I already have in my wardrobe. I will likely purchase a few other things along the way but only if they truly make sense AND I can afford them! Shopping in my 30’s is much different than shopping in my 20’s. 🙂 . Anyone else?!  What are you guys buying for Spring?


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