Weekday Makeup Routine

Weekday Makeup Routine

Hello & Happy Wednesday Friends!

Balancing my career in Marketing, my role as a mom to two littles and this blog has been something I’ve had to learn how to do over the past few years. I’ve learned how to effectively multitask, create efficiencies where I can and most importantly prioritize. Nothing can take time away from my mom time.

I’m covering a bit of the second point in this post – creating efficiencies. Getting ready in the morning is usually a whirlwind in our house. Luckily both of my kids are great sleepers BUT you can never count on that. There have been many times where my makeup is done in my PARKED car before I head into work!

Because of the stress the mornings bring us, I’ve made a focused effort to get up earlier so I can start my mornings slow. I’ve found that I need that time to “wake up” in order to start my day in the best possible way I can! You only get ONE of that day so I really do try and value every minute of it.

One of the areas I’ve buttoned up is my makeup routine. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE makeup, products and beauty and general. I like to constantly try new things and enjoy the process of putting it on. It’s not something that I feel like I NEED to feel pretty, it’s just something I enjoy and I’m not sorry about that one bit! I’ve got my weekday makeup routine down to about 15 minutes tops and that works well for me and my family.

90% of the reason I’m able to do it so quickly is because of the products I’ve tested and found work the best.

Below I’m sharing each product I use and how I use it. Maybe I’ll do a tutorial one of these days to show you JUST how effective the products are!

Step 1: It Cosmetics CC Cream.

I’ve been using the illumination formula this summer because it gives my face a bit of a glow which works well with my tan. I often will wear this alone if my skin isn’t too oily because it provides GREAT coverage and evens out my skin tone a lot. I use the Medium Tan color.

Step 2: It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer.

I’ve been using it for over a year religiously and it removes any dark circles immediately (even after the newborn phase). I even use it for blemishes/dark spots and it works well. This one is buy 1 get one FREE! It’s originally $48 for one and there is a deal going on that gives you both for under $30! Color: Medium Light

Step 3: It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation.

Another one that I can use on my own if I want, but I like the mix with the CC Cream. It acts as a powder to minimize unwanted shine and lasts all day long. Color: Medium Tan

Step 4: Tarte Cosmetics Bronzer.

I’m a bronzer ADDICT and I’m not incredibly picky to be honest. My one must is that it does not have shimmer — I like it to be matte so it can go on looking natural. I like this one and it smells great (like chocolate). It’s also lasted me quite a long time so that is a win! Get 20% off at this retailer when you join their mailing list. Color: Hotel Heiress

Step 5: MAC Mineralize Blush.

Another super versatile everyday blush! It goes on lightly so you can layer as needed. The color gives me more of a glow to highlight my cheekbones than it does a burst of color. Color: New Romance

Step 6: Tarteist PRO To Go Palette.

I’ve been LOVING this palette. I typically use the two on the far left for every day and then add a few of the darker ones for night or the weekend. I’m VERY high tech in the fact that I use my pointer finger and mix the ‘Drive’ and ‘Hype’ colors together and put on my lid. It sounds savage but it works for me!

Step 7: Eyeliner.

I don’t often use eyeliner during the week because I just don’t think it;’s necessary and saves me a step. I do however use it when I am looking extra tired and need a little boost. I love these eyeliners — they go on really smoothly, last a long time and are CHEAP. Colors: Black and Brown Black.

Step 8: It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara.

This is my TOP question that I continuously get — what kind of mascara do I use. This is the secret and it really is amazing. I have tried pretty much every mascara out there and this one is top notch. I only need about 2 coats to get HUGE results, it doesn’t clump off and removes easily with makeup remover. Another SCORE where you can get TWO for $29 (originally $48 for one)!

Step 9: Eyebrow Duo.

Eyebrows are my last step but the most important in my opinion! I’ve been using this duo for almost a decade and I’ve never strayed. It’s a great natural powder and is really easy to put on. I just use a standard angled brush to apply. Color: Medium Dark

Step 10: Lip color!

I switch this up all the time based on what I’m wearing and the season so don’t have a “go-to” necessarily but I really love the Smashbox Always on Matte Lipstick in Baja Bound for a pop or color and Thrive Cosmetics gloss for everyday basic.

And that’s all! 10 steps may seem overwhelming but its NOT! It’s a quick everyday routine that helps me look pulled together and can be completed in 15 minutes or less. Hope this helps and please send me some of your favorite makeup tricks that save you time. Would love to try new things!


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